About me

My career

I was born in Zevio (Vr) in 1986, raised in Verona until the end of high school and then moved to Milan in 2005 for study reasons. Here I attended the Politecnico until 2012 where I obtained the Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

During my studies I had the opportunity to carry out two work experiences related to my study path. I did the first one at the end of the Bachelor Degree at Riello Sistemi as mechanical designer (CAD Design & FEM Analysis). Riello Sistemi is a market leader in machine tool. The second experience I did was at the end of the Master Degree thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci scholarship as Reverse & CFD Engineer. It was abroad in Slovenia at Tecos: Slovenian center of competence for Injection Molding of plastic materials.

In 2011 through the university, in collaboration with my fellow student Gioele Ballabio, after the approval of the current rector Ferruccio Resta, at that time director of the Department of Mechanics and of the Polimi Patent Office (TTO), we designed and patented two compactable kick scooters: Compact & Giubi.

2013 was the year I started working for Bosch VHIT, the world market leader supplyer for automotive components. The plant is in Offanengo (Cr) and I started as a Testing Engineer dealing with the execution of product validation and quality control tests.

In 2014 I became Team Leader in the department and after three years I became the Head of the Testing Department, a managerial role that I have kept with great passion until now.

Passions & Curiosities


From an early age I have always been very creative and enterprising. I enjoyed making toys more than using them. First with paper and cardboard then with Lego ™ bricks and then with Meccano ™.

When I was eleven together with a group of friends, I loved creating tricycles and building a wooden house that was our "headquarters".

The music

When I was four I participated in the Zecchino D'Oro contest, coming up to the selections of the Antoniano of Bologna, then I returned there also when I was nine and I won several other singing contests in Veneto.

In Christmas 2006, I participated in the creation of a music CD involved as part of a duet, wuth the goal to raise funds for my parish.

I love dancing because I also studied Jazz dance, and I learned to dance in the footsteps of Michael Jackson on my own.

Today I am an electronic music lover.


When I was a child I used to do BMX and Ski competitions, then I switched to Snowboarding which I still use today. I have always loved playing soccer and beach volley with friends and colleagues, I was also involved in an inter-company tournaments with Bosch. I tried various adrenaline-pumping but not too risky sports disciplines and today I am one the first users in milan of the electric monowheel and I am proud to be part of this community.

I viaggi

Ogni viaggio è per me un'avventura che prendo sempre con grande entusiasmo. Ho vissuto in Slovenia per 6 mesi lavorando per la Tecos con la borsa di studio Leonardo da Vinci. In quella occasione ho acquisito ottima dimestichezza con l'inglese.

Successivamente quando sono entrato in Bosch ho viaggiato molto per lavoro, prevalentemente in Europa presso i principali stabilimenti automobilistici dei brand europei e trasferte di rilievo sono state anche in Cina nel 2016 e in Messico nel 2019.

Anche nel tempo libero ho visitato diversi stati e diverse culture ed ho intenzione di continuare non appena sarà di nuovo possibile.